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Today Date: 2081-03-06

Coffee Making and Arts (Barista)


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Course Name: Coffee Making (Barista) equivalent with Barista training  CTEVT of Nepal

Duration: 1 Month (60 Hrs.)

Affiliation: CTEVT of Nepal

Training fee 18,000

Qualification: General Literacy Age: 16 to 55

Course Description:

Career Objective:

  1.  After completion of this training, trainee will be able to work in Hotel, Restaurant and Café in Barista Department
  2. Trainee will get sound knowledge of Beans, origin and history of coffee, Roasting, Blending, Arts of milk steaming, Espresso setting and many more…
  3.  Students also get theoretical as well as practical knowledge about types of espresso machine, Machine repair, machine maintains, arts of milk steaming, Machine operating skill.
  4.  Students also able to handle coffee shop, store, cash counter and customer.




Career Outcome:

After Completion of this Training students will able to doing following duties and responsibility:


1.  Able to prepare espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, café Late, frappe white, Mocha, macchiato, frappe, Frapichinno, iced item, blended item and many more drinks……………..


2.   Able to produce a quality coffee related and coffee alternative drinks in a timely and efficient manner for the guests.

3.  Able to maintain cleanliness, sanitation at the assigned work area.

4.  Able to Responsible for preparing and Presentation all coffee related and coffee alternative drinks according to the recipe and specification.

5.  Able to Prepare Heart, Tulip, Rosetta, Swan and Heart in Heart arts.

6.  Able to prepare some Mocktails.

7.  Able to Communicate assistance needed during busy periods.

8.  Able to prepare Coffee alternative drinks like lassi, Smothi, Milk shake, hot chocolate, ice chocolate, ice lemonade, Blended lemonade flaour ice tea, Mint lemonade, Oreo Milk shake.

9. Able to Follow and maintain cleanliness and good hygiene practices in the Cafe


Hot Beverage:

  1.  Espresso

2. Ristretto

3.  Doppio Double short espresso

4.  Espresso Macchiato

5.  Espresso Conpana

6.  Espresso Affagato

7. Café Americano

8. Café Americano

9. Café latte

10. Cappuccino

11.  Flat white

12.  Café mocha

13. Caramel macchiato

14.  Mocha Madness

15.  Caramel latte

16.  Vanilla latte

17.  Hazelnut latte

19. Strawberry latte

20. Honey latte

21.  Almond latte

22.  Mint late

      23.  Caramel Cappuccino

      24.  Vanilla Cappuccino

25.  Hazelnut Cappuccino

26.  Strawberry Cappuccino

27.  Honey Cappuccino

28.  Almond Cappuccino

29.  Mint Cappuccino


Iced Beverage:

  1.  Iced Americano
  2.  Ice latte
  3.  Ice Cappuccino
  4. Iced mocha
  5.  Caramel madness
  6.  Caramel latte
  7. Iced Caramel latte
  8.  Iced Vanilla  latte
  9.   Iced Hazelnut latte
  10.  Iced Strawberry latte
  11.  Iced Honey latte
  12. Iced Almond latte
  13. Iced Mint late


Blended Beverage

  1.  Cold coffee

 Coffee Alternative

A.  Hot beverage

1. Hot chocolate

2.  Hot lemon with honey

3.  Chai latte


B.   Iced beverage

1.  Peach iced tea

2. Apple iced  tea

3.  Lemon iced tea

4.  Iced lemonade

5.  Ice chocolate


C.   Blended beverage

1. Banana lassi

2.  Mango lassi

3.  Papaya lassi

4.  Banana smoothies

5.  Mango smoothies

6.  Papaya smoothies

7.  Banana Milk shake

8.  Mango milk shake

9. Papaya milk shake

10.  Vanilla milk shake

11. Chocolate milk shake

12.  Blended lemonade

13. Mango lemonade

14.  Orange lemonade

15.  Mint lemonade

16. Oreo milk shake




Key Feature:

  1.  Every Students will get opportunity to practice more than 450 latte arts
  2. Students will able to prepare of Heart, Tulip, Rosetta, Swan, Heart in Heart and many more latte arts……………….
  3. CTEVT affiliated certificate, Book and other necessary material available as a free of cost.
  4.  1 Month Internship available as a free of cost
  5.  Support for job placement in Nepal and Aboard.
  6.  Students are capable to handle café, bar and restaurant after completion of training.
  7.  Training cost 15,000 (including all material and documents)
  8.  No hidden cost

Contact: 01-5907709, 9851044265, 9851277265